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You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.

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Deep tissue

Experience deep relief with our Deep Tissue Massage. This technique targets built-up muscle tension, especially beneficial for people with chronic discomfort from strenuous activities, poor posture, stress or previous injuries. Our expert therapists use deliberate, slow movements, applying intense pressure to reach deep muscle layers. This promotes post-massage relaxation, improves blood circulation and restores mobility.

Price: $55

Serenity Volcanic Stone

Immerse yourself in tranquility with our Hot Stone Massage. Combining therapeutic massage with hot volcanic stones, this treatment unlocks a deeper level of muscle relaxation while invigorating blood circulation. Relax and rejuvenate with the soothing warmth of nature’s embrace.

Price: $55
A woman gets a massage with hot stones.

Uncovered Relaxation

Enjoy pure relaxation with our soothing massage. Designed to enhance your overall well-being, this approach focuses on relieving muscle tension, promoting circulation and nurturing a state of serene calm. Escape the pressures of everyday life and experience rejuvenation like never before. – $55

Price: $55

Balancing Reflexology

Experience balance through reflexology, a complementary therapy centered on the concept of reflex zones in the feet connected to various parts of the body. By applying gentle pressure to these points, healing responses are stimulated, promoting harmony and wellness throughout the body.

Price: $55
A feet massage with 2 hands.

Athlete's Recharge: Sports Massage

Tailored for active people and athletes, our Sports Massage is dedicated to improving performance, preventing injury and facilitating muscle recovery. This specialized treatment focuses on muscle tension. – $55

Price: $55

Happiness for the mother-to-be: Pregnancy Massage

Designed with moms-to-be in mind, our Pregnancy Massage offers gentle relief from pregnancy-related discomfort. Providing relaxation, comfort and relieving tension, this nurturing experience helps you embrace this special journey. – $55

Price: $55
A soft massage on the belly.
shows two hands pressing with the thumb to massage

Lymphatic Harmony: Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Experience gentle rejuvenation with Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This gentle, light technique stimulates the movement of body fluids, aiding in the elimination of waste substances and promoting balance. Discover a renewed sense of vitality and well-being.


Price: $55

Bamboo Vitality Therapy

Our Bamboo Therapy harnesses the power of hands and bamboo rods to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation. By aiding the body in toxin elimination, this treatment contributes to aesthetic goals, weight management, and the reduction of fluid retention. Embrace a rejuvenated sense of self.


Price: $55

Targeted Relief: Trigger Point Therapy

Address muscle pain with precision through Trigger Point Therapy. Focused on identifying and treating trigger points and muscle tension, this therapeutic approach offers targeted relief, enabling you to move freely and experience newfound comfort.


Price: $55

Our Packages

Cocoa indulgence

Experience the epitome of luxury with a personalized 60-minute massage of your choice, followed by a 40-minute cocoa cocooning wrap. The wonders of cocoa will be at your service, hydrating your skin and boosting collagen production while gently purging toxins.

Price: $70

Tranquility Stones and Volcanic Renewal.

Embark on a 90-minute journey of tranquility while having a relaxing hot stone massage. This massage is combined with a volcanic clay mask, meticulously crafted to cleanse pores, say goodbye to oily skin and fight acne

Price: $90
A woman gets a facial treatment.
A massage with a bamboo stick on the back.

Elegance Bamboo Sculpture

Elevate your aesthetic journey with a 60-minute bamboo bar treatment, harmonized with the richness of coffee oil. This exquisite combination aims to diminish cellulite while delicately lifting and contouring the buttocks

Price: $50

Harmonious rejuvenation

Let time unravel in a 60-minute symphony of relaxation, where warm cloths help relax muscles while you have a massage, plus a 20-minute foot massage with warm oils tenderly relieves fatigue and fluid retention.

Price: $65
A woman holding a bottle oil in the right hand dropping it in the other hand.

Holistic Harmony: Body, Mind and Soul

Immerse yourself in a 60-minute hot stone massage, plus an extra 10 minutes to relax your feet with a foot massage. The grand finale involves a 25-minute ritual of a cocoa and volcanic clay mask, infused with collagen, bringing a harmonious unity of body, mind and soul.

Price: $140

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